Giving you the EDGE
Edge Inspection, LLC

Edge Inspection, LLC offers the most comprehensive home inspection available. 

Discounts available for first time home buyers! 

The Buyers EDGE (Pre Purchase Inspection)

You home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. It is important to be informed of the condition of that investment. Our easy to understand inspection report gives you the EDGE you need when evaluating and negotiating your purchase. Almost all residential property sold is inspected prior to the sale. Having our detailed inspection report will not only help you decide if you really want to purchase this home. It is also a powerful negotiating tool prior to closing. For instance, replacing a furnace can cost $1500 - $2000 or more. Structural issues can cost more than $30,000 to repair. Knowing these things prior to closing allows you to negotiate a lower purchase price or stipulate that the seller make repairs or replace defective systems prior to closing.

Why have a home inspection performed?

The unknown is a source of anxiety for any homebuyer. A home inspection is for buyers who want to know the true condition of the house. After deciding that a home is suitable in terms of location, size, interior layout, and other lifestyle factors, it is also important to learn about the mechanical features.

Some of the items covered during an inspection are:

         What (if any) structural work is necessary to ensure safety?

         How long before the roof will need replacing?

         Is the chimney safe and functional?

         How long before the furnace/air conditioning will need replacing?

         Is the electrical panel properly wired? Does it pose any special safety concerns?

         Are the insulation levels adequate?

         Is the fireplace safe?

         Is there leakage in the basement? What are the possible causes and cures?

The Sellers EDGE (Pre Listing Inspection)

Listing your home can be stressful. If you are preparing to sell your home, get it inspected first so that you have the opportunity to repair any defects on your terms, not on those of the buyer. That is the sellers EDGE. Minimize those big surprises! These types of inspections will assist you in getting top dollar for your home and minimize possible closure delays.

If you're selling your home, having the property inspected before it goes on the market is a great idea because it offers several advantages, including:

  1. Buyers will better understand the condition of the home they're considering buying. Although you may think that having this information could scare potential buyers away, in our experience the opposite is true. When the home inspection comes at the conditional offer stage, many buyers are surprised by the results and want to renegotiate the price, or are discouraged from buying the home. With all the information available at the beginning of the process, the transaction can move more smoothly and there's less likely to be an 11th-hour renegotiation.
  2. You can decide whether to make any improvements to the home to help it sell more quickly and for more money. Similarly, you can choose to reflect the condition of the home in the asking price. Either way, the home is likely to be more appealing to more buyers, and to sell more easily.
  3. You get to choose the inspector, reducing the chances of having a qualified buyer scared off by an alarmist inspector.

Pre-listing inspections are becoming one of our most requested services! Performing an inspection before a home is listed is a valuable tool to help sell your home.

Radon Testing

The U.S. Surgeon General warns that radon is second as a leading cause of lung cancer in the nation. Radon gas causes cancer when it enters the lungs and naturally decays. This results in the emission of radioactive particles, which can adversely affect lung tissue. 

Radon levels vary greatly from home to home due to variations in soil chemistry. Radon is easy and inexpensive to detect and homes with high radon levels can be fixed. 

We perform our Radon tests with a pulsed ionization chamber monitor for a minimum of 48 hours. This test produces an hourly record of radon, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Radon tests can be ordered at any time. However, you receive a $25 discount on radon testing when bundled with your home inspection.

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI