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How long does a home inspection take?
A typical inspection should take 2 to 3 hours to complete. This can vary, given the current condition and size of the home, the accessibility of mechanical systems, and so on. As a courtesy to sellers, we recommend that they be informed of the timeframe in a pre-purchase home inspection situation.

What do you look at?
We inspect all the major systems of the house. These include the Roof, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Insulation, and Interior. Our goal is to identify any existing major problems that would affect a typical buyer's decision to purchase.

How much does an inspection cost?
Inspections start at $250. However, your home is unique (no two homes are alike) so we can't list all prices on our site. Numerous factors affect the fee. These include square footage of the home, finished vs. unfinished area, age, number of outbuildings, etc. Please give us a call so we can quote you a price for your specific inspection.

What is included in the fee?

  • Complete home inspection conducted by a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) 
  • Comprehensive written home inspection report. Downloadable on any device.
  • FREE Home Maintenance Book
  • $25 Discount on a Radon test when bundled with your home inspection
  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee, backed by InterNACHI

Can I follow along?
Definitely. We encourage you to attend. The inspection is a valuable learning experience for most homebuyers.

Do I have to take notes?
You don't have to take notes during the inspection. We will document everything in a written report. It's much better to follow the inspector through, listening to his comments to make sure you understand. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions and to clarify anything that confuses you.

Can I ask questions?
Absolutely! You may want to bring some questions that you have regarding the home. You should also feel free to stop the inspector and ask questions as you go. If the inspector's comments or explanations are not clear, please ask for further explanation.

Can I bring my family?
We recommend that you not bring your family; this is a technical evaluation, and you should focus on the inspector's comments - the fewer distractions, the better.

Do I get a written report? When?
You do receive a written report. It would be unfair to ask you to remember all of the things we cover during a home inspection. The report is easy to understand and includes a summary of the condition of the home and details on all the major systems of the home. It is delivered within 24 hours after the inspection. This report can be downloaded on any device.

If it's really bad, will you tell us not to buy the house?
No. Our goal is to report on the condition of the house, indicating potential repairs and expenses. Ultimately, it is your decision as to whether or not you buy the house. The home inspection is very important but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Only you know all of the factors at play.

Do you offer a warranty on the house?
A home inspection is a professional opinion based on less-than-complete information. It's a little like getting a check-up from your doctor: It improves your odds of good health but there is no guarantee or warranty.

Some problems can only be discovered by living in a house - they cannot be discovered during a home inspection. For example, some shower stalls leak when people use the shower but don't leak when you simply turn on the shower. Some roofs and basements only leak when specific weather conditions exist. Some problems will only be discovered when carpets are lifted, furniture is moved or finishes are removed. As such, we cannot and do not offer a warranty on the house.

Home warranty programs are available from others. We would be happy to help you contact a warranty company.

What are your inspectors' qualifications?
Our inspectors are graduates of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) school . All were hired for their excellent communication skills and their hands-on experience. 

All of our inspectors are Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI) with InterNACHI.

Our inspectors also keep their skills current with continuing education programs both through the company and on their own.

How many days notice do I need to give you?
Our team of inspectors is ready to serve you quickly. Sometimes we can perform same day inspections. Call us today to check current availability.

Can I schedule an inspection for a Saturday or Sunday?
Yes. We inspect 7 days a week! We understand that you are busy too and sometimes getting to an inspection during the week is difficult. That's why we preform inspections on weekends too.



Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI